Beautiful Bezier Curves

Beautiful Bezier Curves

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00:20 M5Stack Cardputer (Tod #1)

The M5Stack Cardputer

  • M5Stack Cardputer
  • ESP32-S3-based (WiFi & BLE) little ‘portable computer’ w/ display and keyboard in a little case
  • But it also has: microphone, speaker, microSD slot, IR, 1400 mAh battery & magnet & Lego connection
  • Only $30!
  • Keys are very tiny
  • Included “apps” on the demo program are: BLE keyboard, Python REPL, …
  • Available in the US from which ships from Mouser
  • Also, supported on CircuitPython!

4:29 RadioFreeFedi and Faircamp (Paul #1)

Some of Paul’s picks:

9:55 PlumPot KiCad Tutorials (Tod #2)

I have finally made the jump from Eagle to KiCad. After 20 years of Eagle. A video series that really helped me was PlumPot’s video playlist on Youtube.

  • PlumPot KiCad Tutorials
  • PlumPot is Keri PLUMstead and JP POTgieter
  • Goes from installing KiCad, to creating symbols & footprints to to ordering PCBs with gerber files
  • An older series (KiCad 5), but still really helpful
  • Because goes into some of the tricky details that haven’t changed much, like adding 3d files, clearance & track rules, blind vias, differential pairs, and more

15:31 Meet the Maker: André Costa (Paul #2)

André Costa is the creator of rpilocator and the Pico W Air - Wireless Air Quality Monitor.

18:09 Algorithm videos by Freya Holmér (Tod #3)

Freya is a game dev who codes tools and shaders for Unity but also creates these highly instructive and very beautiful videos about algorithms that are useful in game design but also in generative art and embedded computers.

23:16 CircuitPython Online IDE by River Wang (Paul #3)