Episode 6: Supersized for Supercon

Supersized for Supercon


Welcome to The Bootloader! This week we are doing something a little different. Tod recently attended Supercon and shares some of his favorite talks and presentations. Paul and Tod also share one interesting thing.

Full transcript available here.

Show Notes

Hackaday Supercon

  • What is Hackaday Supercon?

    • Annual get together in Pasadena of talks & workshops on stuff you’d see in
    • A way for me to see friends I’ve only really talk to online
    • It’s held at the Supplyframe DesignLab and at Los Angeles College of Music next door
    • In between is an alley where there’s hardware hacking and snacks
    • The workshops are held at Supplyframe HQ, up the street a few blocks
    • One of my favorite conferences, before pandemic
    • This Supercon was first in-person since 2019
    • It was so nice seeing everyone, but wow I am out of practice being amongst people
  • The SuperCon Badge

    • Hacker conferences have these “badges” that don’t really function as IDs any more
    • Instead, they’re a playground for electronics experimentation
    • This year, the badge was a microcontroller-based board that acted like an old switches-and-lights computer from the 1970s.
    • Designed by Voja Antonic, a Serbian inventor, created the “Galaksija” build-your-own-computer in 1983, inspiring thousands to learn computers
    • Check out the Video badge walkthrough by Voja
    • You program it the way computers used to be programed: hand keying in bits one-by-one, and clicking the “load” switch to enter a single machine code instruction, one at a time Todbot’s Supercon Badge
  • Some of the talks I liked

Python in the Browser (Paul #1)

PicoStepSeq in The MagPi Magazine! (Tod #1)

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