Trailer 2 Transcript

Trailer 2 Transcript

Trailer 2

Paul: Hi, I’m Paul Cutler, host of the Circuit Python Show.

Tod: And I’m Tod Kurt. Together, we’re bringing you The Bootloader, a podcast where we share a few things we found interesting. Paul, did you know that it’s international talk like a pirate day?

Paul: I did.

Tod: But did you know that of the many languages language translation Circuit Python supports, one of them is a pirate language you can install like any other?

Paul: That’s awesome. Just go to Circuit to download a build, check out the drop down menu with the language choices, and you can’t miss it. Our news items won’t all be this silly, but they will be informative and fun. Add The Bootloader in your favorite podcast app and get ready for the first episode next week, monday, September 26.

Tod: We’ll see you next week!